The polySteribox® is validated for the following sterilization process:

  • Steam sterilization according to EN 285


The following procedures are suitable but must be validated by the user:

  • Ethylene oxide according to EN 550 / EN 11135-1 with double aeration time

The annual filter can be used in the polySteribox® for a period of one year and must then be replaced by a new filter.

The permanent filter can remain in the polySteribox® maintenance-free for 5 years. After the 5 years is to be decided whether a new filter set is used. By the visual inspection possibly detected dirt can be removed in an ultrasonic bath.

Yes, all sizes of Ritter’s PolySteribox® are dishwasher safe. You can also put the boxes as well as the associated strainer into the dishwasher without any concern.

Primary packaging stored unprotected: Used for delivery and for prompt use* and must be avoided as storage method!

Primary packaging stored protected**: 6 months but no longer than the expiration date

Storage packaging: 5 years, provided no other expiration date is specified by the manufacturer


*Prompt use means the application or use of the product within a maximum of 48 hours..

**On shelves in rooms that do not correspond to Room Class II according to DIN 1946-4:2008-12.

No, the filter can remain in the polySteribox® for cleaning and disinfecting.

Conductive tips/clear tips

The conductive tips get their black color by the addition of graphite to the raw material polypropylene. This causes that the robotic tips are electrically conductive. The fluid level or the filling level in laboratory vessels can be determined via this electrical conductivity. The dipping depth of the pipette tip can thus be adjusted to the level of the filling level.

Both versions (standard as well as sterile version with the trademark bioclean®) of the robotic tips have an expiry date of 5 years.


The Ritips® can be used on the following dispensers:

  • Ripette®
  • Ripette® pro
  • Multipette® 4780
  • Minilab 100/101/201
  • Distriman®
  • StepMate
  • EasyStep / EasyStep electronic
  • RepeatOne®
  • Handrop

No, the validity would no longer exist (one-time use only).

For the 25 ml tips, the red adapter is required (order no. 43001-0847).

For the 50 ml tips the gray adapter is required (order no. 43001-0848).

Yes, the adapter can be autoclaved at 121 °C.

Both versions (standard and bioclean® (sterile and seperately sealed) version) of the dispenser tips have an expiry date of 5 years.


Yes, each plate conforms to the SBS (Society for Biomolecular Screening) standard and is equipped with an alphanumeric coordinate system. Riplate 96-well systems are dimensioned for all common pipetting machines as well as for all 8- and 12-channel pipettes.

The material of the cap mats is EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate), the mats cannot be autoclaved.

Ritter offers plate-specific cap mats for Riplate® deepwell plates. In addition, self-adhesive sealing films are available for different applications.

Slightly raised rims reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Furthermore, they facilitate the closure of the plates by sealing films.

Because these plates have been especially developed for the magnetic separation technology, which is used for the filtration of proteins as well as for DNA extraction.

The technology is based on magnetic particles that allow the fast and efficient sample preparation with high throughput.

U-bottom is specifically recommended for a thoroughly mixing of the samples.

F-bottom is particularly suitable for the storage of the samples.

V-bottom we recommend especially for high-quality substances.


No, the validity would no longer exist (technical data).