microTube rack

For a safe sample storage
  • microTube racks with 96 tubes of 1.2 ml in a format of 8 × 12 are compatible for robotic systems as well as for the individual sample storage. A special bottom plate allows easy handling of each sample, even in frozen condition.
  • The tubes are available as individual tubes or strips of 8 tubes of 1.2 ml. V-bottom reduces the dead volume. Can be closed for storage with 96-well cap mats or strips of 8 plug caps.
  • The rack is compatible with all current robotic systems with its footprint, in accordance to the SBS standard. Ideal for PCR applications, HTLV-111 testing, RIA and EIA and the transport of reagents or samples. A removable bottom plate fixes and centres the tubes and is ideal for storage and management of blood samples in a frozen condition. The alphanumeric marked rack can be refilled with individual tubes or strips of 8 tubes. Storage is possible up to -85 °C.
  • The stackable, transparent SBS format cover with alphanumeric marking on the lid snaps into position to close with the rack.
Article no. Article name PU
Pieces per
45000 – 0000 MicroTube rack with 96 individual
1,2ml tubes
10 100
45005 – 0000 MicroTube rack with strips of 8 tubes 1,2ml 10 100
45010 – 0000 MicroTube rack with 96 individual
1,2ml tubes, bioclean®
not available
45015 – 0000 MicroTube rack with strips of 8 tubes 1,2ml, bioclean® not available
45003 – 0000 96 individual 1,2ml tubes 960 9600
45000 – 0008 Strip of 8 tubes 1,2ml 120 1200
43001 – 0017 Capmat 1ml, shore 85 nicht verfügbar
43001 – 1017 Capmat 1ml, bioclean® nicht verfügbar
45000 – 0006 Strip of 8 plug caps (Ø 7mm) 120 4200

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