Parasite diagnostic system for pet owners

Parasite diagnosis system (flotation method) for the analysis of fecal samples of animals. Test kit for:

  • A clean and easy taking of a sample by the owner.
  • A convenient hygienic sample analysis by the veterinarian.
  • Reliable accurate test results.


How paraTest works

Suspending the fecal sample in the flotation medium which has a specific weight of 1.2 the ova float to the top of the insert. The heavier parts of the sample remain on the bottom of the container. The ova then can be taken/transferred to a slide for micro-scopic examination. Flotation medium is sodium nitrate solution (31%).

Ordering information


Reference Article name PU Pieces per case
44000 – 0000 Box, assembled 50 300
44001 – 0000 Box, non-assembled,
wholesale packaging
94001 – 0153 Flotation solution 1000ml 1 6

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