Bottle Dispenser

Mini bottle dispenser for single-hand control

The mini bottle dispenser is used for quick and easy dispensing of liquids in volumes of either 500 μl or 1000 μl, its standard thread size is 1 inch (26 mm). The output volume can be selected by twisting an adjustment wheel and then operating the centrally mounted plunger.

After refilling, the bottle dispenser can be vented through repeated pumping of the piston. The bottle is then ready for repeated use.

The bottle dispenser has no metal valves and is made from shatterproof polypropylene with very high chemical resistance. Cleaning can be done by a damp cloth, using soapy water solution if necessary.

Ordering information

Article no. Article name PU Pieces per
42200-0000 bottle dispenser 500 μl/1000 μl 1 5

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