Clear tips

Clear tips are produced under cleanroom conditions and tested from independent laboratories to be free of DNase, RNase, ATP and pyrogens. Each lot of these tips is tested according to the quality management system by Ritter Medical to assure reproducible results of your applications.

Type Tecan

Robotic tips for Tecan and other OEM workstations

Article no. Article name Tray color PU Pieces per
49102 – 0000 Clear tips, 200 μl, tray, DP blue 10×96 17280
49102 – 0006 Clear tips, 200 μl, tray, blister-2 blue 2×96 2340
49103 – 0000 Clear tips, 1000 μl, tray, DP red 10×96 9600
49103 – 0006 Clear tips, 1000 μl, tray, blister-2 red 2×96 2304
49103 – 1106 Clear tips, 1000 μl, bioclean®,
with filter, tray, blister-2
red 2×96 2304
49133 – 0000 Clear tips, 1000 μl, tray, wide
bore, DP
red 10×96 9600


Type “Tecan” is compatible with the following robotic instruments:

  • Tecan: Genesis, Freedom EVO, MiniPrep, Cavro
  • Qiagen/Corbett: CAS 1200/4200/4800, QIAgility
  • Perkin Elmer (Packard): Multiprobe II, Janus (with Multiprobe head)
  • Abbott Diagnostic: m2000

Minimum order : 500.000 pieces

Tecan is a registered trademark of Tecan AG.

Article no. Article name Rack color PU Pieces per
49136 – 0000 Sample tips, 300 μl, blue blue 4×108 7776
49137 – 0000 Reagent tips, 1300 μl, clear blue 4×108 7776

For the clinical diagnostic as well as for drug discovery, Ritter Medical offers Dynex-compatible robotic tips which are especially developed for the automated sample handling. With a modern production line and under clean room conditions, the tips are manufactured to guarantee the highest quality specifications for the compatibility and cleanliness.

  • For use with DSX, DS2 and DS4 instruments.
  • Packaging unit: 4 x 108 tips each
  • Sample tips volume: 5 – 250 μl
  • Reagent tips volume: 20 – 1000 μl

DSX and DS2 are registered trademarks of Dynex Technolgies.

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