Lamination film

Manual sealing films in SBS format for all Riplate® products
Article no. Article name Description Applications PU Pieces per case
94001-0216 Aluminium film Aluminium sealing film, can be peeled off without residue and also be pierced, DMSO resistant, -80 °C to +120 °C Storage, PCR 100 1000
94001-0221 Polyolefin film Polyolefin sealing film with twofold tearing slice, glue with high solvent resistance, DMSO resistant, -25 °C to +120 °C Protein crystallisation, storage, PCR 100 1000
94001-0248 Aluminum film (gold) Aluminium sealing film (gold), DMSO resistant, -80 °C to +120 °C, film can be peeled off without residue Freezing of microtiter plates, peeling film for PCR plates, storage 100 1000
94001-0249 PE film PE sealing film, can be peeled off without residue, -5 °C to +40 °C Suitable for plate storage at room temperature, PCR 100 1000
94001-0250 PE film Nonwoven sealing film, permeable, with good gas exchange, liquid tight, glue with high biological resistance, -5 °C to +60 °C Specimen (cell, bacteria) with requested good growth, storage, PCR 50 500
94001-0251 PP film Polypropylene film, DMSO resistant, with high tearing slice, -80 °C to +120 °C Visually clear film – usage with photometer plates up to 276 nm, peeling film for PCR plates, storage 100 1000
94001-0252 PE film, black Black PE sealing film, glue with good biological solvent resistance, -40 °C to +60 °C For all applications which request light tight sealing – even fluorescence light and laserlight do not pass by; storage, PCR 50 500